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The War on Consciousness


August 2016

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein




Australian Media-A mass delusion

If your only connection to the news and current social issues are through mainstream Australian media then I believe that a re-assessment is in order. It’s for your own good and for the good of humanity. I’ll keep it brief.  Continue reading “Australian Media-A mass delusion”

Short Story : Lost Abroad

Lost Abroad – A young traveler, arrives in a foreign land. His purpose unclear, he encounters an intriguing stranger in a dimly lit bar. Continue reading “Short Story : Lost Abroad”

Recent findings suggest lost knowledge and a lost civilization

Anatomical versions of humans have been around for 200,000 years. Recent findings of ancient megaliths suggest we have lost knowledge that previous cultures tried so hard to preserve. Since 200,000 years ago there have been a number of global cataclysms that has vastly remodelled earth’s landscape and eradicated its inhabitants and civilizations.  Continue reading “Recent findings suggest lost knowledge and a lost civilization”

The Third Eye – central to a vast array of religions and groups (Hindus, Buddhists,  Catholicism, Ancient Egyptians, Free Masons etc)  representing enlightenment and our connection to the spiritual realm. It is symbolically situated at the location of our Pineal Gland (symbolised in ancient architecture as the pine cone), the only part of our anatomy that naturally produces the highly psychoactive component DMT. Mind blowing information –

Drawing by local Melbourne artist VonDove

Western Culture and our legal highs:  The way we are permitted to intoxicate ourselves in Western society is telling of what kind of culture we are structured to be. As far as legal highs- caffeine, prescription medicine, alcohol and cigarettes.

Continue reading

Psychedelics potential role in important biblical stories

Many religious anomalies have occurred throughout human history and have been cited in religious texts as being pivotal moments of paramount importance, that are often essential to the construction of core beliefs of a particular religion. However, thousands of years later, research, science and curiosity have offered different takes on these phenomenons Continue reading “Psychedelics potential role in important biblical stories”

Change can only come from the middle class

We have a political system where politicians and corporations work with each other, their greed, agendas and crimes often held unaccountable by the the rest of the world. We have corporations that are more powerful than entire nations and governments whose financial reach truly has no bounds. Continue reading “Change can only come from the middle class”

Areas of interest:

-Mass delusions and The War on Consciousness
News/information not available through mainstream media
-Plausible conspiracy theories
Spirituality, consciousness, philosophy
-Ancient history, civilizations and lost knowledge
-Social justice and Revolution
-Alternate ways of living
-The purpose and state of human existence
-Exposing corruption
-Travel stories and fictional tales 



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