We have a political system where politicians and corporations work with each other, their greed, agendas and crimes often held unaccountable by the the rest of the world. We have corporations that are more powerful than entire nations and governments whose financial reach truly has no bounds. If you are reading this then you probably have access to a computer and the Internet. That alone puts you in a position of power and responsibility.

Laws and regulations that benefit the privileged class who hold vast amounts of concentrated power and money exist all around us, keeping the power and wealth distribution where the rich want it to be. The richest 1% of the world hold 50% of the worlds wealth. We have the resources to end poverty but it remains an issue that will only worsen with the rapid rise in population set to occur in third world countries. And we have become accustomed to these things. And by we, I mean the middle class, which probably means you. The only chance of positive change and reform in this world lies within us, the majority. The middle class is the only group with the numbers, resources, awareness and power to invoke any sort of change and revolution. We have the time and the education to impact the world, and I believe we have a duty to those less fortunate and to our fellow human being to do something.


By revolution I mean re-modelling the current power system through non conventional means, namely not through the voting of regimented political parties we are presented with today, which has proven to be futile, distracting and reaping little change. This begins with the conscious discussion of ideas, which in my mind is the crux of this website. But we are too busy. Degrees to attain, things to buy, hobbies to pursue, jobs to work. The rampant nature of capitalism in Western society pushes us to be the best we can be. In many ways I admire this part of capitalism as we become truly talented and skillful people. But to what extent is this a good thing? The middle classes in Western societies seem so caught up in bettering themselves and getting ahead that we almost never take the time to step back and assess the bigger picture of humanity and its current state. Pushed forward by consumerism and the drive to become rich and successful (a trait which advertising and the media make sure we possess) we rarely give any time and effort to helping those who need it and questioning the structures that govern us. And yes it takes real time and effort and that is what we seem to think we do not have.


As it appears to me, this is because by allocating your energies and time to other causes which often seem noble but futile we are doing ourselves a disfavor by allowing our peers to excel above us as they continue to focus on their own lives and succeeding in the way that western society wants us to. This race to the top is one we are all apart of and is in many lights an important and motivating process. But it is a distraction and the powers that be know it and use it against us and the underprivileged. New products, technologies, fashions whatever it may be are there to distract us, keeping us pushing forward, content and fueling the machine of capitalism which blatantly favors the wealthy, subjecting the vulnerable to further injustice.


Change is needed. Your middle class lives are not a representation of the state of the world and human kind. Injustice is everywhere, and we know it but are too busy to care. The poor cannot not rise up and get what they deserve. Why can’t we demand a higher standard from our leaders and politicians? It is our duty as privileged, educated people to do something, and it begins with the unconventional discourse that is often demonised and abruptly dismissed.

Robin the Hood