Anatomical versions of humans have been around for 200,000 years. Recent findings of ancient megaliths suggest we have lost knowledge that previous cultures tried so hard to preserve. Since 200,000 years ago there have been a number of global cataclysms that has vastly remodelled earth’s landscape and eradicated its inhabitants and civilizations. Studies as recent as 2007 have suggested that an extinction level event occurred just 12,800 years ago.

Just a few hundred years ago riding horseback was the quickest method of transport and the notion of electricity would have likely been regarded as nothing shy of magic. Imagine what we could have accomplished- and lost- in the hundreds and thousands of years we have been here.

In the past two decades two ancient megalithic sites have been discovered at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and at Gunung Padang in Indonesia. These sites date back to up to 20,000 years ago shattering the current mainstream archaeological frame work (this makes the discoveries harder to publicize and recognize). They are huge and both feature elements which suggest high levels of technology and skill at a time when humans were supposed to merely be hunter gatherers.  There are still countless phenomena found in the ancient world that modern science has very little understanding of.

-How ancient cultures had the technology and organisation to build such grand, architecturally perfect structures that are meticulously aligned with star constellations and astronomical ratios (Pyramids, Angkor Wat etc) which display a deep understanding of the natural world.

-What is the true nature of our consciousness and are our souls connected to our physical bodies permanently?

-Why these ancient megalithic cultures all over the world that were thousands of years and miles apart share eerily similar architectural themes and symbology. (The pyramids of China, Mexico and Egypt all have uncanny reference to the same star constellations, many of which point back to a reoccurring date of around 12,800 years ago)

-Why these ancient structures were really built and why the mythology of these cultures seem to overlap in many areas with much ancient art depicting timelines of ancestors an rulers that pre date to a lot further back than a few thousand yeas

– How ancient cultures,  amongst the countless species of plants found the only two that contain specific properties that when mixed together create a powerfully transcendent and psychoactive substance which has been shown to have profound almost unfathomable healing properties for the body and the mind despite holding little clout in the world of mainstream mechanistic medicine. Perhaps it was merely a fortunate stroke of serendipity, but the chances seem highly unlikely. (These plant substances have referenced all over the world in ancient cultures and have been revered and worshiped by many civilizations who seem to have achieved an incredible understanding of the universe and of astronomy far before modern technology came to be.

This includes the Egyptians clearly depicted through their hieroglyphs – and whose ‘tree of life’ was the acacia tree, a plant highly rich in the psychoactive component DMT (A naturally occurring substance that is produced in our pineal glands). (note: as I can see myself getting carried away going into the unacknowledged use of psychedelics throughout history which I will save for another time and just say that the evidence of the use of psylocibin and other psychedelic substances as important traditions and tools in ancient cultures and religions is undeniable and while it has been somewhat suppressed in the mainstream for obvious reasons, further research can confirm or dispel any doubts you may have).

-How ancient maps have been found that feature highly accurate longitude and latitude scales which we only thought possible as recent as a few hundred years ago (Hancock proposes that many of these ancient megaliths around the world were ways of preserving great knowledge and wisdom, a notion which seems quite plausible when you take into account the similarities between ancient architecture and the undeniable skill and knowledge held by these civilisations.

Let’s also not forget that many of these cultures, namely the Egyptians, lived and prospered for a very long time (thousands of years longer than our Western World) and their wisdom and capabilities are not to be dismissed as entirely lesser than our which is in many ways an instinctual reaction in light of or incredible technologies making theirs look quite primitive.

The recent megalithic findings suggest that what we know is false and that there is much about our ancestors that we know very little about. More on this will be looked at in later pieces. Further inquiry is needed and despite mainstream science stifling this in whatever way they can I believe in the next few decades some highly important information will come to light.


Robin the Hood