Western Culture and our legal highs:  The way we are permitted to intoxicate ourselves in Western society is telling of what kind of culture we are structured to be. As far as legal highs- caffeine, prescription medicine, alcohol and cigarettes.

Prescription medication, required by few, keep us sedated,especially if you don’t fit societies conventional standards. Their legal status often granting both drug and non drug users guilty free permission to indulge in their numbing and intoxicating effects.


Caffeine allows us to work hard enough for the machine to run smoothly, corporate greed spreading whilst the gap of economic disparity continues to increase. Alcohol to give us some recreation, drama, unpredictability. Allowing us to momentarily forget ours and the world’s problems, inducing an often hard to remember and foggy release which provides little mental enlightenment and is often associated with regret despite the habitual nature in which we drink. Cigarettes do something similar, giving a short lived burst of fulfillment leaving behind nothing but a lighter wallet and dire health risks.


The widespread alcohol and smoking culture symbolize the costly and fatal vices that bind the Western world keeping us stupid, weak and ever marching forward. Cogs moving without question. Their legality and pervasiveness almost an intended subliminal message of authority’s complete, yet unacknowledged domination over us while many natural substances which are renowned for having perception shifting and enlightening mental effects are demonized remaining serious criminal offences.


Robin the Hood