If your only connection to the news and current social issues are through mainstream Australian media then I believe that a re-assessment is in order. It’s for your own good and for the good of humanity. I’ll keep it brief. 

Most of this is common knowledge which makes it even more infuriating that we are still at the mercy of authorities who do not have our best interests at heart. Regardless I will continue. Mainstream news and television is predominantly run by privatized media corporations, controlled by figure heads such as Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rineheart.

An investigation into either of these corporate giants quickly reveals obvious agendas for displaying news and the current state of Australia in certain ways. Murdoch owns the Fox network, News Limited and News Corp Australia which is Australia’s largest print media company. A few minutes of research reveals the rather general consensus that Murdoch is strong advocate of right wing politics and has what some would consider, conservative, racist and sexist views in today’s society. So why should we not question mainstream news and media when the guy pulling many of the strings is a politically aligned, monopolist who has pushed his right wing agenda since he begun his corporate domination. The Herald Sun, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, are some of the News papers controlled by Murdoch, to name a few.

I know this is barely scratching the surface and I will be going into further depth at another time but next time you see or read a provocative headline, ask yourself, who owns that media outlet, and does the news they are feeding the public suit their agenda of corporate gain and continued control of the media.

Just because the Herald Sun is everywhere, doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain politically and financially aligned sensationalism. Real news is hard to find, but it’s out there, on the Internet and coming from people who don’t already control the world’s money and media and thus the unknowing proportion of the population, who are too distracted by the inflammatory nature of mainstream news to question their sources and their hidden agendas.

I believe there is a large group of under represented, disenfranchised and frustrated people in Australia, who watch and read mainstream news and think that is more often than not, a load of bullshit. These people are not easily tricked, possessing an inner sense of reason that governs their beliefs and decisions as opposed to letting sensationalist media corporations control them. And I think the more people who use the infinite resource that is the Internet will realize this and inadvertently become apart of this disaffected group that is probably the world’s best hope for realistic positive change.

Robin the Hood