“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan

A recently published article spoke about the high possibility of cannabis having a significant role to play in early Judaic religions. A study suggests that the anointing oil Jesus and his disciples used on their followers was made from an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract. Pretty far fetched I know, but it does offer some logical explanations to the healing and mind altering oil that was said to make you feel ‘closer to God’. Of course this discovery will go unnoticed as many brush off the possibility of this containing even a shred of truth. And why shouldn’t they? If this is true, that means that some of their life long and firmly held convictions may have been a sham- a tough thing to swallow no matter who you are.

If Jesus’ followers’ ‘holy’ and ‘spiritual’ experiences following their anointment was really induced by cannabis, then maybe Jesus wasn’t as magical as they thought. It also means that cannabis probably isn’t an evil substance and the ‘devils lettuce’ as it’s so often made out to be. It could even mean that the controversial herb holds the key to various forms of healing and human beings search for deeper spirituality.

To the neigh sayers and the Bill O’Reilly/Tony Abbott types of the world, even the notion of this is simply to ludicrous to give even the remotest of consideration. And fair enough, If I were you I would probably also be extremely reluctant to give any thought to something that could undermine what I have believed, argued and fought for my entire life, no matter how plausible it could be. Anything that threatens your personality and your very identity must be hard to hear let alone to concede to, but it is this stifling form of gradualism seen in our institutions of science, academia and politics that is so crippling to our progress as human beings.

To the rest of the world, I’m not asking you to denounce your faith and embrace cannabis (although you can if you want). I am merely asking you to look at this issue and so many others like it objectively, with open minds, because to be honest, in my slightly stoned and humble opinion, this explanation seems a little more plausible than the one they currently have.

Robin the Hood