The world comprises two sides, light and dark. Whether it is a fierce battle or a beautiful dance between the two is the prerogative of the observer. A perceived duality exists within us, in self and other, and without out us, in worldy forces pushing and pulling the tides of fortune and love, seemingly beyond our control. It is a world of natural beauty and human potential, but somewhere along the way, power and progress and greed has encroached upon us, robbing us of what we might have been destined to be.

Progression in the wrong direction is dangerous, as is dogma and institution. We are corralled into shadowy ravines, bombarded with cures and coerced onto the narrow path to salvation. A self preserving system of subordination built upon history and war, nurtures the violent proclivities of man. Made up of individuals, the machine morphs into something greater, its tendencies resembling very little of the divine human nature that exists within us all – or so I choose to believe, trusting the ruminations of thousands of years of mystics and seers, dwelling on the outskirts of the realm we would deem civilization.
Enslavement is as perennial as one can imagine, conceived perhaps through agriculture or maybe through the inevitability of power and the stratified society that follows. But never before have the victims been their own captors, ignorant to the game of obliged freedom in which they participate. At times, the pressure builds, and then some is released, carefully, returning the ship to onto its true course. A course that was set long ago by those who gained their power over others through force and tyranny, slaying people of god and nature for reasons distinct to what is written in our history books.
But where there is darkness, there must also be light, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant. The turmoil of our species weighs heavy on those who acknowledge it, drawing their light towards the shadows in a vacuum like attempt to smother each individual resistance that remains. And it is the tendency of those who want to help to charge boldly into this furnace, often meeting their painful demise.
Perchance it is better not to seek battle with the darkness, but to congregate where there is an abundance of light and good. To recognize and understand the darkness, at first from a distance, and perhaps later from the vanguard, gathering allies and combining knowledge and strategy. To see not a dilapidated landscape of waste and turmoil, but the incredible invisible architecture of energy and potential that connects us all, performing a subtle geometric dance before us for our enjoyment and our salvation.
This revolution may one day be brutal and ask us of of mortal lives, but it is built upon collectivity of consciousness, defiance, and love. It begins by conscious decision making, in every interaction and choice we face. As we seek to understand the processes of evil, surrounding ourselves with those that give our lives meaning, this revolution will arise, building momentum in a manner that is unprecedented to both man and the gods.
Some days hope flickers like a single candle in the darkness, other days it burns strong strengthening the resolve of those who allow it. Perhaps history is destined to repeat itself, perhaps we will break the perpetual cycle of slavery, ecological destruction and greed, perhaps none of it really matters, as the earth will keep turning long after we are gone? I place little importance upon these things for as our notion of time ticks onward, the only thing that concerns me are the people in my life and the inner sense of reason of what is right and what is wrong, an innate part of us incessantly encroached upon by lights and superficiality, and society. But this divine moral compass exists, somewhere within us all, and when found and understood, whether it be through pain, love, knowledge or experience, following it should not prove difficult, for it may well seem like the only conceivable thing to do, and perhaps the sole purpose of our existence.