Simply put, history is a vague recount, a collection of interpretations, told and agreed upon by conquerors and victors of war.

Riddled with bias, it is a story composed in the wake of fallen cities and defeated armies, a series of massacres sanitized for the consumption of the youth . 

It appears a cyclic tale of greed and war, forcing dogma and sophistication on those who we do not understand, the cause always justified. 

Ecological crises perpetually born from greed and short sightedness, the few in power prioritizing short term self interest over long term sustainability for the masses, leading inevitably to societal collapse.

Rampant consumerism and the technological juggernaut that defines our age propels us forward, infinite growth and the progress of selected individuals the enduring principle.

The seductive disaster of industrialism, deplorably unchecked, sails Humanity’s ship on a course set long ago by those hungry for power and wealth, a greed fueled momentum that has yet to be cautioned. 

But perhaps progress is in fact the antithesis of itself when the path we have been hurtling down for so long is headed in exactly the wrong direction?

Though conceived through the incessant passing of time, history is, inevitably written by none other than human beings, invariably influenced by prejudice and a common thread of vanity.

Attained by force, the boldest, cruelest, men seize opportunity for glory, eagerly etching their names into the history books.

Scribes and historians employed under the direction of the militarily competent, each stroke of ink laying entire civilizations to rest.

Arrogant and unshakable in resolve, tyrants are lionized and entire cultures dismissed as savages.

The self righteousness of the conquerors blinds all sense of morality, overriding the virtues of the indigenous, secluded and tragically unsuspecting.

‘Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter’ goes an African proverb, telling of history’s shortcomings prior  to our recognition and subsequent attempt at compensation for past atrocities

Resonant are the journal entries of Christopher Columbus who displayed his initial admiration of the American Indians as truly people of God, remarkably kind and peaceful, eventually concluding that they would make the perfect slaves, and that their conquest would not prove difficult.

Glorified and widely taught to younger generations, colonialist legacies, like Columbus’, can now be interpreted as one of slavery, robbery and fatal ignorance.

What was once our accepted version of history is subject, now more than ever, to just, well informed scrutiny, exposing long presumed ideas of our ancestors alleged triumphs as heinous atrocities, inexcusable acts of human brutality whose atonement should not be taken lightly.

Families, customs, traditions, grossly misinterpreted, oversimplified and reduced to nothing more than a few short descriptions. 

Sacred knowledge, philosophies and age old religions discarded and forgotten, indescribable wisdom and beauty lost to ignorance.

 The most unspeakable acts of savagery omitted and re told to suit the narrative of the perpetrators, heroes vanquishing their enemies in the name of freedom and justice.

An entire cultures ingenuities and texts rifled through acting merely as primitive, secondary sources, their sole purpose to aid the progress of the new rulers.

Life may be short, but history is not, and pre-history even less so. It offers us an invaluable platform to look back from, the unparalleled resource of hindsight gifted to us for our own salvation.

Comprising a litany of injustices, history is a symphony of echoes, desperate voices, warning us of the folly of humankind.

The present resembles little more than patterns from the past we have yet to recognize, our momentum and unprecedented genius obscuring our own mortality.

History tends to repeat itself, and those who fail to acknowledge the past and it’s vital implications for the future, will be condemned to do so, again and again until we have past the point of no return, squandering our window of opportunity to save humanity while the resources and socio-political cohesion still exist.

The Romans, The Mayans, The Easter Island Civilization, The Norse Vikings, The Khmer Empire – These are great civilizations that ran themselves into the ground, their unsustainable lifestyles and pressure on their finite natural resources inducing famine, revolt and ecological collapse , eroding their cities from the inside out  and making them  extremely vulnerable to invasion.

We build great civilizations, devise institutions, creating communities, traditions, science and art, only to be led to ruin through division and lack of co-operation.

Populations multiply as centuries pass, the number of lives at stake growing exponentially with each societal collapse, the price of history constantly rising.

In the end it is our ambition, our cleverness that incites our demise, a lack of wisdom and foresight turning our greatest ingenuities against us.

Each civilization resembles a living organism, the language, culture and religions vary but the overarching tendencies remain consistent.

Violent, egocentric proclivities abound, authorities marked by self indulgence, and a stubborn unwillingness to reconsider core values.

Institutions and corporations may be comprised of human beings, but through sheer scale and crippling bureaucracy, basic human values fall by the wayside. 

Good natured individuals coerced to conform to a toxic culture of profit at all costs, overriding the moral compass of any one person as their employment and livelihood is dependent on their complicity.

With alternatives few and far between, people abide, often ignorantly to the corrosive ethics of greed fueled corporations, exhausting the natural resources of third world countries to perpetuate first world consumerist lifestyles. 

Unknowingly, the wealthy incorporate us in self-sustaining organisms, capable of limitless tyranny and destruction where even the wholesome are complicit and no one can be held accountable.

Politics and media bombard us with false fear and misinformation, lies and deceit barely hidden beneath the thin veneer of political drama. 

Resistance remains high and with viable solutions stifled by those wanting to preserve the status quo, the challenge lies before us.

Questioning corporate run authorities and their financial agendas are an imperative if we are to combat what can only be described as truly End-of-Empire behavior.

Conscious, well informed decisions for political, social and environmental matters are more important  than ever before, hope lying in our rapidly growing awareness and capacity for change as a cohort.

Ultimately it is only through bold, collective and unprecedented action that we can hope to divert from ourselves from the well beaten path of societal collapse.

It is an apocalyptic trajectory, tragic and perpetual, that without a radical shift in consciousness and behavior will see our demise as it has countless other civilizations, dooming us to be yet another cataclysmic chapter in the timeline of human existence. Let’s try and get it together before it’s too late.