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The distorted narrative of Human History – A grave warning

Simply put, history is a vague recount, a collection of interpretations, told and agreed upon by conquerors and victors of war.

Riddled with bias, it is a story composed in the wake of fallen cities and defeated armies, a series of massacres sanitized for the consumption of the youth . 

It appears a cyclic tale of greed and war, forcing dogma and sophistication on those who we do not understand, the cause always justified. 

Ecological crises perpetually born from greed and short sightedness, the few in power prioritizing short term self interest over long term sustainability for the masses, leading inevitably to societal collapse.

Rampant consumerism and the technological juggernaut that defines our age propels us forward, infinite growth and the progress of selected individuals the enduring principle.

The seductive disaster of industrialism, deplorably unchecked, sails Humanity’s ship on a course set long ago by those hungry for power and wealth, a greed fueled momentum that has yet to be cautioned. 

But perhaps progress is in fact the antithesis of itself when the path we have been hurtling down for so long is headed in exactly the wrong direction? Continue reading “The distorted narrative of Human History – A grave warning”


The age old battle between Science and Spirituality – A week in India’s Pyramid Valley

After a week in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, my perspective on science, mysticism and spirituality, and their seemingly conflicting relationship with one another has in many ways shifted. 

The Pyramid Valley movement is based around meditation and the science of spirituality whilst exploring the untapped power of pyramids on the human mind, body and even on agriculture. Scientists, researchers, meditation practitioners and spiritual teachers are collectively working towards ending the age-old battle between hard science and mysticism. Opening unprecedented avenues of inquiry this community is embarking upon some pretty wild and dome rocking areas of research, with the overarching intention to bridge the gap between the material world and what we are yet to fully understand.

Continue reading “The age old battle between Science and Spirituality – A week in India’s Pyramid Valley”

Jesus arrested for cannabis oil

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” – Carl Sagan

A recently published article spoke about the high possibility of cannabis having a significant role to play in early Judaic religions. Continue reading “Jesus arrested for cannabis oil”

Graham Hancock’s banned TED Talk, Global Cataclysms, Lost Civilizations and Psychoactive Plant Allies

The highly popular TED Talks have proved themselves as lacking any real credibility and integrity after Graham Hancock, well known author gives two highly compelling TED Talks presentations about the possibility of lost ancient knowledge and plant medicines with profound healing properties. Despite not making any unjustifiable claims or statements TED has chosen to censor both of these presentations, contradicting their ethos of being open to new and alternative ideas. Hancock’s work is supported by many credible scientists but is still shunned by mainstream academia for obvious reasons of financial and authoritative agendas. Continue reading “Graham Hancock’s banned TED Talk, Global Cataclysms, Lost Civilizations and Psychoactive Plant Allies”

Technologies misuse, planned obsolescence and who owns what?

At the heart of human progression throughout history lies technology and the advancements we have made as a species. Technology is responsible for the majority of change in our recent human history and the improvements it has brought to our standard of living is highly evident in areas of education, health and medicine, economic growth and communication. But are we doing as well as we should be doing? No. And those who say we are probably in a tiny percentage of people who directly benefit from our current state of social and economic disrepair.  Continue reading “Technologies misuse, planned obsolescence and who owns what?”

Australian Media-A mass delusion

If your only connection to the news and current social issues are through mainstream Australian media then I believe that a re-assessment is in order. It’s for your own good and for the good of humanity. I’ll keep it brief.  Continue reading “Australian Media-A mass delusion”

Recent findings suggest lost knowledge and a lost civilization

Anatomical versions of humans have been around for 200,000 years. Recent findings of ancient megaliths suggest we have lost knowledge that previous cultures tried so hard to preserve. Since 200,000 years ago there have been a number of global cataclysms that has vastly remodelled earth’s landscape and eradicated its inhabitants and civilizations.  Continue reading “Recent findings suggest lost knowledge and a lost civilization”

The Third Eye – central to a vast array of religions and groups (Hindus, Buddhists,  Catholicism, Ancient Egyptians, Free Masons etc)  representing enlightenment and our connection to the spiritual realm. It is symbolically situated at the location of our Pineal Gland (symbolised in ancient architecture as the pine cone), the only part of our anatomy that naturally produces the highly psychoactive component DMT. Mind blowing information –

Drawing by local Melbourne artist VonDove

Western Culture and our legal highs:  The way we are permitted to intoxicate ourselves in Western society is telling of what kind of culture we are structured to be. As far as legal highs- caffeine, prescription medicine, alcohol and cigarettes.

Continue reading

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