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The War on Consciousness


Personal Reflections

The Mercurial Mind

Through heavenly shades, thoughts wander to roads once traveled,

Desperately lucid, velvet rays from days gone by warm upon the face of uncertainty,

Recollections that would outlive us all, fleet and conspire against an idle present


For amidst the icy throes of winter, there is little trust to place in the future, as shadows beckon from the recesses of a mercurial mind,

One may shield their eyes from the moments to come, but bellied stones remain turned, impervious to the divine,

Eternal facts comprising all that we are and all that we lack, a tale of innocence, perpetually lost, forging what will be written


For the past is, and will forever undress to simpler times, corrupted and amended to suit our experience,

It gives insight toward the nature of the unexpected, the totality of action, and the darkest, emptiest hours just before respite,

As plans are just that, and when fortune inevitably eclipses the familiar, we might find ourselves in the moment that would lead to all other moments


So with faith in the void, and with eyes open, heed whatever call emanates from the depths of a still mind,

And look inwards to the future, so that the present too, may one day be the sun drenched past.




The distorted narrative of Human History – A grave warning

Simply put, history is a vague recount, a collection of interpretations, told and agreed upon by conquerors and victors of war.

Riddled with bias, it is a story composed in the wake of fallen cities and defeated armies, a series of massacres sanitized for the consumption of the youth . 

It appears a cyclic tale of greed and war, forcing dogma and sophistication on those who we do not understand, the cause always justified. 

Ecological crises perpetually born from greed and short sightedness, the few in power prioritizing short term self interest over long term sustainability for the masses, leading inevitably to societal collapse.

Rampant consumerism and the technological juggernaut that defines our age propels us forward, infinite growth and the progress of selected individuals the enduring principle.

The seductive disaster of industrialism, deplorably unchecked, sails Humanity’s ship on a course set long ago by those hungry for power and wealth, a greed fueled momentum that has yet to be cautioned. 

But perhaps progress is in fact the antithesis of itself when the path we have been hurtling down for so long is headed in exactly the wrong direction? Continue reading “The distorted narrative of Human History – A grave warning”

The age old battle between Science and Spirituality – A week in India’s Pyramid Valley

After a week in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, my perspective on science, mysticism and spirituality, and their seemingly conflicting relationship with one another has in many ways shifted. 

The Pyramid Valley movement is based around meditation and the science of spirituality whilst exploring the untapped power of pyramids on the human mind, body and even on agriculture. Scientists, researchers, meditation practitioners and spiritual teachers are collectively working towards ending the age-old battle between hard science and mysticism. Opening unprecedented avenues of inquiry this community is embarking upon some pretty wild and dome rocking areas of research, with the overarching intention to bridge the gap between the material world and what we are yet to fully understand.

Continue reading “The age old battle between Science and Spirituality – A week in India’s Pyramid Valley”

The eternal dance of polarity

The world comprises two sides, light and dark. Whether it is a fierce battle or a beautiful dance between the two is the prerogative of the observer. A perceived duality exists within us, in self and other, and without out us, in worldy forces pushing and pulling the tides of fortune and love, seemingly beyond our control. It is a world of natural beauty and human potential, but somewhere along the way, power and progress and greed has encroached upon us, robbing us of what we might have been destined to be. Continue reading “The eternal dance of polarity”

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