This blog was created with the purpose of provoking discussions and ideas about often taboo topics of conversation. Within the current climate of our society, ideas and information are often suppressed by the mainstream if they do not fit in to their financial and political agendas. It is a War on Consciousness. A monopoly over truth exists and is a fundamental part of what is wrong with the world today.

For those with some time/curiosity/humanity to spare feel free to read onwards.  When looking into the issues we face as humans it becomes clear that there is a crippling monopoly over truth and information which ensures the preservation of the current status quo. Below are some thoughts (much of which is already common knowledge) in the form of a well intended rant on the current state of play, and the interconnectedness of the issues and injustices we face today.

Whether it be,

– The stifling of alternative and sustainable ideas, research and technologies that do not fit in to the financial agenda of the elite

-Privatized prison industries in many parts of the world which incarcerate countless non violent drug offenders and are highly profitable for the corporations that own and build them

– The way the earth’s natural resources are being raped and pillaged for the monetary benefit of a tiny, concentrated body of power

– The horrific effects of corruption and wealth disparity through the current model of capitalism, which appears to be the manifestation of the greed of a few through the manipulation of the masses: This is seen through the immensely uneven distribution of wealth and the brutal exploitation of 3rd world countries for cheap labour and their natural resources and agriculture

-How we are distracted from these greed fueled injustices by consumerist ideology, material goods (that are supposed to define us) and the individualist approach that is omnipresent in most of Western culture –( A huge cause of the internal dissatisfaction and growing suicide rates and mental illnesses seen today)

– A failing war on certain drugs and the freedom of consciousness, that is extremely expensive, highly ineffective, disproportionately affecting racial minorities and ensuring of a constant tension between authority and regular people (more of a war on the research of drugs anyway)

-Distorted, sensationalized, superficial ideas promoted by privatized mainstream media which inspire fear and division through class, race, gender and creed
(Many of the news sources we rely on are owned by individuals with less than subtle corporate and political agendas, which in itself is a ludicrous arrangement eg: Rupert Murdoch (corporate, conservative right wing agenda) owns The Herald Sun, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Fox News, Fox Sports, New York Post, National Geographic US and name a few- which surely brings into question the credibility of the news and information we receive)

-The allowance of extremely inhumane detention centers to continue which subject innocent people from war torn countries to terrible conditions

-Millions not having proper living conditions, with the majority of the world’s underclass residing in other countries than our own (partly due to globalization and outsourcing of labour and long term poverty and corruption)

-Corporations, politicians and the super rich being above the law and held completely unaccountable for corruption and the atrocities they have caused, with the extremely wealthy also being notorious for tax evasion

-A vast amount of the world’s resources being spent on things like prisons, the military and the war on drugs

– The fact that war is made to be profitable and is often started due to greed, desire for control and exploitation and for reasons not revealed to the public

-The suppression of naturally occurring plant medicines and other drugs in general, despite the legality and widespread use of more harmful, addictive legal drugs and medication (The alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and prison industries are the main lobbyers against the legalisation of marijuana- a bit suspicious right?)

-The refusal to take into account new discoveries and information on things we have condemned in the past (usually for means of control and profit). This limits the possibilities of the present and our understanding of the past which could teach us a lot and re model highly important elements of history with vital implications for the future

-A stagnant, corporate backed political system which lacks integrity often leaving people feeling unrepresented and disenfranchised throughout the entire process, whilst dismissing and suggestions for alternate systems

Unfortunately, the list really could go on and whilst they could be expanded upon further, I have tried to keep this as concise as possible despite them being complex issues that would be better explained with a long list of facts and examples (please investigate anything you aren’t sure about and decide for yourself – the figures and info speaks for itself). The point is that all these issues are on a structural level, intrinsically connected to one another.

The collective existence of the issues mentioned and their functioning alongside one another has dire consequences. This combined with our compliance and apathy towards any of them assists and allows a corrupt system to perpetuate and support itself, assuring the continuation of these highly preventable injustices and the suppression of vital information. This effects the entire population and the planet (especially the underprivileged), all for the financial gain of a small but powerful elite who could end global poverty with a fraction of their wealth.

Because of the magnitude of these problems and their deep roots within the institutions we operate under, substantial change can seem unlikely and often not even a possibility thanks to a political system that swiftly dismisses any alternatives to the current paradigm, usually vilifying those who propose for it.

However, there are a few small though important things (and not overly inconvenient either considering what’s really at stake) that can be done as a start to at least stop these problems from spreading and exacerbating one another through our widespread and often unthinking conformity (admittedly I have far more questions than answers but it is a start)

By sharing knowledge and information and making ourselves aware of the realities of the world (often obscured by the mainstream media) through personal research we can assert ourselves as more active, aware citizens making sure our understanding of important issues has not come through the filter of corporate and political agendas.

Collectively is the only way to oppose structural corruption and by forming various types of small autonomous communities we can begin to become less reliant on corporations and other forms of authority that may not always have our best interests at heart. Similarly the decision to avoid particular products, food, forms of entertainment that we know make us directly complicit in the horrific injustices that exist today is definitely something worth looking in to as the profits of corporations are solely dependent on our decisions as consumers.

Also, buying second hand stuff and acting in an ecologically responsible and conscious manner is of paramount importance in ensuring a better world for us and future generations. I realize some this can be difficult living in the climate in which we do and I am not proposing you throw out all your material possessions and denounce all forms of money and capitalism (although feel free to do so if you wish). There are many aspects of the capitalism and the current state of play that benefit us as reasonably well off, middle class individuals. We are exposed to a wealth of information, experiences and the ability to educate ourselves and to some extent I feel it is important to work within the system in order to eventually change it from the bottom up.

There are definitely many other positive forms action that could be taken but there definitely are far more knowledgeable, capable people than myself who can outline them for you and my main goal is really to encourage further personal research and awareness so you can make up your minds for yourselves using the inner sense of reason each human is blessed with. A given is of course acting with love, awareness and empathy in everyday interactions which is an essential part in moving forward as a species. I won’t go on about this as one hippie-stoner-spiritual type telling you to be nice and love thy neighbor is enough (and I think Jesus has that covered).

In no way do I have all the answers (hopefully someone does) or all the information for that matter but with a collective effort of educated minds I feel legitimate solutions will come to light and we will be able to enact real change. I think it is important not to take for granted the opportunities and privileges we have been blessed with, and to enjoy and experience them for what they are. In saying that it is also of the highest importance not to forget the responsibility we have to help those born without the means to change their situations. (Maybe we need some kind of extinction level threat from aliens or some global cataclysm to make us realize that we are all on the same team and need to band together for survival and prosperity for all).

Hopefully a time will come in the near future when there will be a conscious movement with enough momentum and support to subvert corporations, the status quo and the inequality surrounding us in a very real and tangible way. Hopefully when that day arrives we are well equipped to play our part in creating a legitimate means of change for the greater good of humanity.

Spread the word and support the cause in whatever way you see fit. A little is better than nothing. We are often told that this is the way it is, but I believe the problems that plague our society exist only through the greed of a few and the disinterest and lack of awareness of the masses. It appears that our current state of being is human made, and naturally anything that we have constructed can also be deconstructed. If you got this far, I appreciate the effort. Live long and prosper